Best Shoe Brands In India: Most Classic and Laidback Style

1. Nike

Blue Ribbon sports was the original name of Nike. It is the top shoe brand in India. Nike got its name in 1978.

It is an American multinational corporation which designs, develops, manufactures, and sells footwear, clothing and equipment etc.

It holds first rank because of its best qualities and designs .It is the best sports shoe brand in India. It is a significant manufacturer of sports equipment.

It is also the world’s largest seller of athletic shoes, apparels  etc. Casual shoes, sneakers, running shoes, walking shoes etc. are available in Nike.

These shoes are available in terms of colours  ,size, pattern or style. Nike Air Max, Strike Force ,Air Jordan etc. are three shoe prototypes.


2. Adidas

Adidas is a worldwide firm that designs and manufactures footwear, clothing, accessories. Reebok,

Taylor made, and Runtastic are a part of Adidas.57,016 employees work for Adidas. Bayern  Munich ,a German football club, is owned by the firm .

It is Europe’s largest sportswear producer and world’s second largest after Nike.

It has 460 + Adidas stores.Over 900 million shoes and sports equipment are available in Adidas.

It became very famous in India in the 1970s.Stan Smiths,Raf Simmons,Superstar shoes etc. are available in Adidas. With Kanye West, a line of Yeezy Boosts started. It has annual turnover around $23billion.


3. Puma

Artemis S .A. Kering are the parent organisations of Puma. It is a German multinational firm which is based in Herzogenaurach,Bavaria.

It started operation in India in 2005. It designs and makes sports and casual footwear and clothes and accessories.

It is the third largest sportswear producer. Over 13,000 people globally sell its products in over 120 countries as of 2017.

Shoes are expensive but are fashionable and comfortable .It is majorly popular with top Indian footballers and cricketers .It is the part of the top 5 sports shoes and apparel manufacturers in the world.

It has 590 + stores of Puma .It is available on online platforms. The evo Power football shoes and evo Speed cricket shoes are top sports shoes available on Puma.


4. Reebok

Since August 2005, Reebok International Limited has been a subsidiary of German sporting goods giant Adidas.

It manufactures and sells apparel and footwear for fitness and running and Crossfit shoes. It is the best shoe and sports shoe brand in India.

Classic shapes and high quality material are the highlights of Reebok shoes. Reebok made its mark by launching ‘Ventilator’ sports shoes.

It has 700 + stores. As per sales, it stands in 4thrank. Reebok shoes can be found in every household. It is simply affordable to everyone .It has captured around 45% of the shoe market share in India. They make their product classy and comfortable.


5. Bata

The Bata Family is the owner of Bata. It is the largest footwear retailer in India and an industry’s champion. It is organised in three business units named as Bata,

Bata Industrials and AW Lab. It is a family owned enterprise. In terms of volume, it is the World’s largest shoemaker.

It has over 5,300 stores in more than 70 countries and also manufactures in 18 nations.

Earlier only school and formal shoes but now in different styles in footwear categories. Their shoes are inexpensive and easily available at most shoe stores. Its shoes are highly comfortable and stylish.