Handyman Saitou in Another World Episode 7 English Subbed

Type: TV

Episodes: 12

Status: Not yet aired

Aired: Jan 8, 2023 to ?

Premiered: Winter 2023

Broadcast: Sundays at 22:30 (JST)

Producers: Kadokawa

Licensors: None found, add some

Studios: C2C Source: 4-koma manga

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Theme: Isekai

Duration: Unknown

Rating: None

Handyman Saitou in Another World is a fantasy anime series that follows the adventures of a handyman named Touno Saitou, who is transported to another world after an accident. In this article, we will provide an overview of the seventh episode of the series.

Episode Overview:

In episode 7, titled “The Lion’s Den,” Saitou receives a request from a group of travelers who are looking for a guide to help them navigate through a dangerous forest. Despite his initial reluctance, Saitou agrees to take on the job and leads the group through the forest, facing various challenges along the way.

As they journey deeper into the forest, they encounter a pack of lions who attack them. Saitou and the travelers manage to fend off the lions and continue their journey. However, they soon discover that the lions were actually being controlled by a powerful mage who is using them to terrorize travelers and steal their belongings.

Saitou and the group confront the mage and engage in a fierce battle. With his quick thinking and handyman skills, Saitou is able to disable the mage’s magic and defeat him, saving the travelers from further harm.


One of the key themes of this episode is the idea of facing and overcoming challenges. Saitou and the travelers face various obstacles in their journey through the forest, from natural hazards to supernatural enemies. However, with Saitou’s resourcefulness and the group’s determination, they are able to push through and reach their destination.

Another important theme is the idea of standing up against injustice. Saitou and the travelers refuse to be victims of the mage’s terror and band together to take down his evil scheme, showing the importance of unity and solidarity in the face of oppression.

Relevance to the Series:

Handyman Saitou in Another World is a series that emphasizes the power of resourcefulness, adaptability, and determination. Episode 7 is a prime example of this, as Saitou is able to use his skills and knowledge to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and protect the people around him.

Furthermore, the episode adds depth and complexity to the world of the series by introducing new threats and enemies that Saitou and his companions must face.

Overall, Handyman Saitou in Another World Episode 7 is an exciting and action-packed installment that showcases the series’ themes of resilience and justice.