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Top 10 Films with Plot Twists from the 2010s(2010- 2020)

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Today i’m going to be counting down my top 10 films with plot twists from the last decade, so films released between 2010 and 2020. This is a spoiler-free list and i will not be revealing any of the plot twists. So hold your doppelganger and hear me out.

10. A simple favor 2018

Let’s begin with a fun one. A simple favor is a comedy mystery with an unlikely protagonist. Anna Kendrick plays Stephanie a stay-at-home mother who is also a vlogger of cutesy crafts. She befriends Emily the majestic Blake Lively who mysteriously disappears and Stephanie goes on the hunt to find her friend.

This film teases many different reasons for Emily’s disappearance playing with the audience until the very final reveal. Considering how dark and serious, most of the entries on this list are, i appreciate a simple favor for providing both a satisfying plot twist and framing it in such a glamorous and colorful setting.

9. The book of ELI 2010

Speaking of dark and serious we have the book of ELI. A story about a man and his book set, in post-apocalyptic dystopian America. It has a very distinct visual style using a high contrast sepia tone that makes the whole world look dusty and the sun have this sickly glow. The fight sequences in this are exceptionally cool with Denzel Washington. At one point bringing a machete to a chainsaw fight. The plot twist is simple but effective ending. The film by making you want to re-watch it.

8. US 2019

US takes the doppelganger trope and fuses it with funny games. Horror bringing the audience to the edge of their seat in fear of what these doubles will do to our hero family. Unlike many other horrors where the logic of the actions and dialogue is severely lacking. US provides a believable family dynamic including the occasional awkward banter to help ease the tension. The twist may be a little late coming but it is worth the wait. Considering how it spices up the ending.

7. Arrival 2016

A rival very much plays on our expectations of what a sci-fi film about, an alien invasion should entail. It has the threat of war as a motivating factor throughout spurred on. By the increasing tension created by these quiet looming spaceships. The anticipation that something bad must happen. The choice of protagonist is unique however with a linguistics professor chosen to lead the analysis of these life forms and learn their hieroglyphic language. The plot twist shifts the direction of the film in a fascinating way and puts our protagonist’s life in a new light.

6. Sorry to bother you 2018.

If you are after a strange cinematic experience sorry to bother you has you covered. It follows the life of telemarketer Cassius Green as he attempts to transform his purpose from one of merely surviving to actually mattering. It is an absolutely ridiculous film in the best of ways. Putting up a satirical mirror to contemporary society and hitting us with a plot twist that still manages to surprise. It is a film filled with little surprises at every corner.

5. The handmaiden 2016.

As some of you may already know i am not a fan of films that are over two hours for no good reason. The handmaiden certainly tested my patience but rewarded me thoroughly for it. Serving up multiple twists within its multi-chaptered story. At the start the film sets up its character’s roles within a devious plot concocted by a swindler who hires a handmaiden to help him, seduce her rich heiress and gain her hand in marriage, therefore her fortune. With each twist these roles were continuously altered making for quite the shift in allegiances and a few jaw-dropping moments.

4. Shutter island 2010

Martin Scorsese has made a lasting impression on film history especially with his films focused on Italian-American culture and gangsters. With Leonardo Dicaprio as his star Scorsese treats us to something quite different with shutter island. A mysterious story following a U.S. marshal investigating the disappearance of a murderer from a hospital for the criminally insane that’s located on a secluded island. It’s incredibly tense and increasingly thrilling as Dicaprio’s character Teddy Daniels collects the clues to help solve the mystery. The plot twist is truly magnificent which is unsurprising, given the masterful acting and directing talent that is on the show.

3. Get out 2017.

Jordan Peele has already taken the eighth spot in this list with US but his first feature film Get Out has a far more superior plot twist, that nabbed him the Oscar for best original screenplay. It follows the African American character of Chris Washington. He visits his white girlfriend’s family in this seemingly idyllic suburb that hides a dark secret. It is obvious that something weird is going on. But the plot twist is so bizarre, i doubt many people could have guessed it before it happened.

2. Gone girl 2014

Gone girl absolutely took 2014 by storm before its release. Director David Fincher had already proven his effectiveness in directing thrillers with SEVEN and ZODIAC. The former of which features one of the most quotable lines in film history, related to the plot twist of that film. With gone girl Fincher moves from detectives investigating killers to a man searching for his missing wife. As new evidence is revealed the audience is made to question the sincerity of their relationship. The confusion keeps building until the plot twist reveals. The truth behind the disappearance in one impressive swoop.

1. Parasite 2019

Parasite is brilliant on so many levels. It takes us on a wild journey through multiple plot lines that could each be a film of their own. Indeed, many form the basis of the other films on this list. It is simultaneously a story about an exciting plan gone wrong, a suspicious disappearance and a family that is not as innocent as they first appear. It even has a brushing of doppelganger-inspired family imitating family. The twist doesn’t just get thrown in at the end but is instead worked on and developed throughout the film until the final Cliffhanger.

It is an absolute treat and i highly recommend watching it. If you have somehow not yet done so there we have it my top 10 films with plot twists from the last decade. Thank you.

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