Ultimate Guide for Letter of Recommendation for Masters Program in 2023

The way you present yourself in your admissions application will, to a large extent, determine the outcome if you want to pursue your Masters degree abroad. The best way to introduce yourself is with a well-written Letter of Recommendation (LOR). A letter of recommendation (LOR) will explain to the admissions committee why you would be a valuable addition over all other applicants, in addition to your grades. .

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

A Letter of Recommendation, which is a private recommendation from a prominent or respected individual, is a document that strengthens an application for study abroad by an international student. LORs are letters of recommendation that are written for you by a person who knows you well. .

Why do I need an LOR for Masters?

An LOR is a recommendation from a third party that offers a comprehensive picture of your qualifications. someone who is well-known and respected in their particular field. An LOR is a personal recommendation from someone who has known you well in your past academic or professional life. It provides the best possible insight into your character, traits, and accomplishments.

Is giving LOR compulsory?

Yes, obtaining an LOR is a prerequisite for enrollment at prestigious universities in the US, UK, Canada, etc. For admission into, you must submit LORs.

  • Undergraduate, 
  • Postgraduate, and 
  • Doctoral programs. 

How many LORs do I have to submit for Masters abroad?

When applying for admission to any Master’s course as an international student, you will typically need to submit two to three LORs. .

How many types of LORs are there?

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters can be – 

  • Academic LOR, or 
  • Professional LOR. 

What’s the difference between Academic LOR and Professional LOR?

Academic LORsProfessional LORs
To be written by someone that can talk about and build upon your educational background. Academic LORs are written by – Teachers, Professors, Dean of the Faculty etc. To be written by someone that knows you as a professional.
Professional LORs are written by previous employers.  

Academic LOR Sample For MS

Professional LOR Sample For MS

How to write an LOR for Masters?

  • Introduce yourself 
  • Talk about the person you are recommending
  • Conclusion 

Put yourself out there first. Mention your name, position, and any other qualifications you have. Continue by mentioning how long you have known the person for whom you are writing the LOR. You will discuss the qualities and accomplishments of the person you are recommending for admission to the Masters program in the body text. Provide details. Avert making too many generalizations and providing ambiguous details. Your LOR needs to be written with the target specialization in mind. For instance, if the applicant is pursuing a Masters in Public Health (MPH), you must emphasize skills like critical thinking, teamwork, etc.

Provide details on situations in the past wherein the person being referred displayed qualities, such as – 

  • Good academic performance,
  • Team skills,
  • Management,
  • Organizational ability,
  • Being self-driven, 
  • Determination to succeed etc. 

Mention any outstanding capabilities that fall outside the academic qualifications.  

Summarize the characteristics of the person mentioned above to end your LOR. Give your phone number and other information in case you need to confirm or provide more information. 

Are there any LOR guidelines for popular Masters programs?

An LOR should ideally be customized to the particular requirements of the course. In other words, you must emphasize the qualities that the specific admissions committee will be looking for. .

Letter of Recommendation for Masters: What are the Top 3 skills to highlight in LOR as per the specific Master’s Program?

Program Skills
Masters in Arts and Humanities Creative skillsCommunication skillsReasoning and logic
Master of Public Health (MPH)Collaborating with teamsCritical thinkingCommunity engagement
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Leadership skillsCritical thinkingProject management 
Masters in Computer Science Technical knowledgeProblem-solving abilityCritical thinking
Masters in Science (MS)Research and analysisInnovationCritical thinking
Masters in Engineering Programming skillsMachine designIndustry skills 
Masters in Medicine EmpathyResilienceEmotional intelligence 

What should be included in LORs for Masters?

An LOR for admission into Masters degree should – 

  • Give an insight into the personality of the applicant, 
  • Focus on the skills that will be needed for that particular Masters program, and 
  • Speak about the major achievements and qualities demonstrated as an undergraduate student. 

What are the general tips for writing Masters LOR?

Certain basics must be kept in mind when writing a Letter of Recommendation for a Masters program. These include – 

  • Stating all the unique attributes of the applicant, 
  • Writing in a personalized yet formal tone, 
  • Being precise and matter of fact, 
  • Being to-the-point, 
  • Avoiding spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or any punctuation issues, 
  • Projecting the strengths to showcase the applicant in the best possible light, 
  • Writing in a simple and easy to understand language, 
  • Stating facts, with examples, that you have personally observed, 
  • Highlighting the skills as per the course applying for, 
  • Giving your honest opinion, and
  • Avoiding any exaggeration. 

Taking the time to proofread and make further edits to your LOR before the final submission is highly recommended. 

How to submit LORs for MS?

There are three ways for you to submit an LOR as part of your application process for admission to a Masters course. You can either – 

  • Fill up an online form,
  • Send as an email attachment, or 
  • Submit via regular post. 

Your LOR for a Masters degree will be submitted in the manner specified by the university you plan to attend. Generally speaking, the majority of universities maintain an online application and document submission process. However, some universities might request that you send them hard copies of the LORs instead. Plan your submission accordingly after verifying on the university’s official website. . Plan to submit your application at least two weeks before the deadline if you need to send the LORs in hard copy.

Does an LOR matter in getting admission to a Masters program?

An LOR is important, yes. The admissions committee sees you as a prospective student based on your application, grades, and academic credentials. But your LOR has its own tale to tell. Your personality comes out in an LOR. Writing well can make a huge difference. If you are able to leave a positive first impression, you might even be given preference over another applicant who has a relatively higher percentage of marks. 

What is the format for Letter of Recommendation for Masters?

A LOR for Masters is a formal record. However, the Masters LOR need not be in a depressing or boring tone. Your letter of recommendation (LOR) needs to be sincere and objectively support the applicant. No obvious and overblown exaggerations should be present. The reader should find reading your Master’s LOR to be worthwhile and interesting throughout. .

Can I use online templates for LOR for Masters?

Using templates for Masters LORs is not advised. Each LOR needs to be distinct and improve the applicant’s chances of getting into a top international university. Utilizing online templates might backfire on you because the person reading your LOR might think you took the easy way out. .

In conclusion

A foreign education can significantly alter a person’s life. Not only do you have access to a top-notch educational system and gain the self-assurance necessary to live independently, but you also get the chance to interact directly with a different culture. A strong and comprehensive letter of recommendation for Masters can open up many doors for you. .

Your LOR for Masters tells your own special tale. Give the university a reason to accept you as an international student by telling a unique, compelling story that resonates with the audience. Your chances of getting accepted to your dream university to study abroad for your Masters degree are better and more rounded the LOR is. .

Other FAQs

1. Who should write my LOR for Masters?

Depending on the type of LOR that the university you want to attend requires. Professors, teachers, and other professionals can write academic LORs. Professional LORs, in contrast, are composed by a former manager or employer. .

2. Can I get my LOR written by anyone?

No. You will have to give the details of your recommender to prove that the LOR is genuine. The required details of the person writing the LOR are – 

  • Full name
  • Designation & Department
  • Name of the Organization
  • Contact number
  • LinkedIn profile 

3. How many words should be there in my LOR for Masters?

Your letter of recommendation for a master’s program should be approximately 500 words long and up to two pages long. .

4. How to ask for an LOR for study abroad?

  • STEP 1: Choose the best person.
  • STEP 2: Request an LOR by meeting in person. 
  • STEP 3: Provide your resume.
  • STEP 4: Send in a formal request for LOR by email.  

5. Can my employer write my LOR for Masters?

Yes. A former employer may write the letter of recommendation for your Masters degree. Indeed, some universities favor having the Masters LOR written by a former employer. .

6. Who can I get to write my Letter of Recommendation for my post graduation admission?

Letters of Recommendation for admission into the Masters program might be written by – 

  • Teachers, 
  • Professors, or 
  • Past employers. 

Before asking someone to write an LOR on your behalf, always make sure with the university you intend to attend. If someone can write your LOR, universities may have specific requirements. .

7. Is it mandatory to get a Masters LOR from my teacher?

As a result, there are no restrictions on who can write your LOR for graduate school. Teachers, professors, and former employers are all qualified to write your masters LOR. .

8. How and why does a Letter of Recommendation matter in getting admission into Masters course?

Your LOR is special to you and conveys your story to the person who will be reading it in your own words. Every application submitted for study abroad is reviewed and scored individually. The thing that makes you stand out from the competition and establishes expectations for you as a prospective student is your LOR. .