If you enjoy astronomy,grab your binoculars to see a spectacular spectacle tonight.Jupiter is closet toEarth in 60 years,according to CNN.Why?Earth is in opposition,

which places it between the "gas giant" and the sun,said Trina L.Ray of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NASA says just 367 million miles separate Earth and Jupiter,cutting their furthest distance in half.Jupiter is in opposition roughly every 13 months,the period it takes Earth to orbit of the sun.

The phenomena will make Jupiter larger and brighter.NASA analysts said the planet would rise around sunset and be seen without a telescope.

Jupiter will seem dazzling white to the naked eye,says Rice University physicist Patrick Hartigan.You may observe Jupiter's striped bands through a telescope.

Stargazers may also see three or four of Jupiter's moons,including Europa.