What is the cost of studying in the US for Indian students?

Each year, thousands of Indian students travel to the US to enroll in some of the top universities there. Although the USA continues to be the top destination for study abroad, the costs for Indian students can seem quite prohibitive.

Some people’s situation is made worse by their lack of preparation for the (actual) costs, which causes them to eventually turn to employment in the US as a means of paying the bill. This blog covers topics such as the price for Indian students, tuition costs, the best universities in the USA, etc. Continue to read.

How much does it cost for an Indian student to study in USA?

There are many costs involved for an Indian to study overseas in the US as an international student. Generally, the costs will be – 

Overall cost of studying in the US for Indian students

Expenses ForCourses & ApplicationsCost
1. Language and entrance examinationsGRE: Graduate Record ExaminationsINR 16,000 approx.
TOEFL: Test of English as a Foreign LanguageINR 14,450 approx.
IELTS: International English Language Testing SystemINR 14,700
GMAT: Graduate Management Admission TestINR 20,000 approx.
SATINR 9,000 approx.[Registration fee USD 55 + Regional fee USD 49]
2. University application feeINR 2,600 to INR 6,000 approx.
3. US Student VisaVisa application feeINR 12,200 approx.[USD 160 for Form DS 160]
Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) feeINR 26,600 approx.[USD 350]
4. Tuition feesB TechINR 25 lakhs (in a year)*
MBAINR 27 lakhs (in a year)*
BBAINR 20 lakhs (in a year)*
Master of Science (MS)INR 22 lakhs (in a year)*
MedicineINR 40 lakhs (in a year)*
LawFrom INR 16 lakhs in a year
5. Living expensesUSD 7,60,500 (in a year)

* an Average

What is the tuition fee in US universities in 2023?

Generally, government-funded institutions have a much lower tuition fee when compared to private institutions.

Course-wise Highest and Lowest Tuition Fee in US in 2023

CourseType of UniversityHighest Annual Tuition Fee Average Annual Tuition FeeLowest Annual Tuition Fee 
4-years or above

PublicINR 17,96,909INR 6,40,000INR 36,504
Private, not-for-profitINR 46,98,977INR 21,74,801 INR 1,71,112
Private, for profitINR 31,86,495INR 12,71,784 INR 2,98,116

PublicINR 9,13,056INR 2,85,948INR 70,878
Private, not-for-profitINR 40,91,794INR 11,55,579INR 2,56,288
Private, for profitINR 25,52,314INR 11,36,795INR 5,06,493
Less than 2 yearsPublicINR 14,26,317INR 6,78,366INR 1,76,892
Private, not-for-profitINR 16,27,470INR 12,80,834INR 8,11,833
Private, for profitINR 23,04,315INR 11,49,647INR 4,86,491

Source: US Department of Education

What are the living expenses for study abroad in the US?

The yearly living expenses include – 

  • Books and study materials: From INR 68,445.
  • Accommodation: From INR 3,80,250. 
  • Room, if living off-campus: Around INR 38,025 in a month. 
  • Food: Variable 
  • Traveling within the US: Up to INR 53,235.
  • Weather-appropriate clothing: Variable. 
  • Entertainment expenses: Variable.

The expenses you incur will be influenced by a variety of elements, including whether you choose to board on campus, where the university is located, and which US state you choose to attend.

Are there scholarships available for study abroad in the US?

Even though it may seem like studying in the US is expensive, many US universities give international students scholarships and financial aid. among other things, the best US scholarships are for Indians.

  • Microsoft Tuition Scholarship
  • Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships, 
  • K.C. Mahindra Scholarship for Post-Graduate Studies Abroad, 
  • Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award,
  • Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship 2023,
  • Western Union Foundation – Global Scholarship Program 
  • #youarewelcomehere scholarships, and 
  • AAUW: American Association of University Women. 

Can I get an education loan for US study abroad?

Yes. To pay for your US study abroad program, you may be eligible for student loans. There are also loans that don’t require security or collateral. The Income Tax Act’s Section 80E, which allows for tax deductions on educational loans, allows students applying from India to claim a tax benefit.

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